Taking the train in Japan


4 days ago ... A limited express fee has to be paid in addition to the base fare. It is typically between 800 and 8000 yen depending on how far you travel. 2) Seat ...

How can a poor man travel to Japan? - japan-guide.com forum


6 Aug 2012 ... ... without fighting. I am experience by traveling to nearby towns. Is it possible for a poor man 'from Oklahoma in the U.S.' to travel to Japan?

Anyone live in/near Kanto Mura 1970-73? - japan-guide.com forum


26 Sep 2009 ... ... named Audrey . . . I think Audrey Smith but could be wrong! We left Japan and came to Oklahoma along with several other familites we knew.

Sending money to Japan - japan-guide.com forum


18 Aug 2010 ... Another way would be for your parents to purchase yen-denominated " international postal money order" at a post office in Canada and post those ...

Buying farm land in Japan - japan-guide.com forum


7 Feb 2008 ... Generally it is very difficult for non-Japanese who are not permanent residents to buy property in Japan- there is quite a long thread on this if you ...

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4 Dec 2010 ... Also the Oklahoma Turnpike charges $3.50 for one way travel. The turnpike speed limit is 75 mph, which most of the time is 85-90, btw.

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residing. Oklahoma, United States. member since. 16 January 2006. Book your trip. Hotels; Car; Buses; Tours. City: Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hakone, Hiroshima ...

Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? - japan-guide.com forum


6 May 2007 ... My Dad was a Master Chief stationed out of Yokosuka on both the Providence and the Oklahoma City. We lived around the hill on the other ...

Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? - japan-guide.com forum


6 Feb 2011 ... ... yet another snow storm in Missouri. The winter storm hit Oklahoma and northern Texas and may be heading our way on the East Coast.

Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? - japan-guide.com forum


20 May 2011 ... The storm wasn't the most powerful, but it was big, and slow moving. Joplin is in the Southwest corner of Missouri near the Oklahoma border, ...

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